How to build CI/CD pipelines on Kubernetes

13 minute read

Kubernetes as a standard development platform We started with single, often powerful, machines that hosted many applications. Soon after came virtualization...

Honest review of OpenShift 4

14 minute read

We waited over 7 months for OpenShift Container Platform 4 release. We even got version 4.1 directly because Red Hat decided not to release version 4.0. And ...

Myths around containers. Part 3: Speed

4 minute read

Containers are considerably faster than virtual machines - at least that’s what most people say. But do they actually bring more speed to overall development...

Myths around containers. Part 2: Portability

5 minute read

Is it true that after so many years we finally have real, portable format for all applications? It seems that we’ve come very close to that goal and it’s tim...

Myths around containers. Part 1: Security

5 minute read

We had many revolutions in IT infrastructure world over past 20 years or so. Virtualization promised hardware abstraction, private cloud promised lower costs...

10 reasons why Kubernetes has won

3 minute read

We’ve been falling for the containers hype for the past few months and Kubernetes has emerged as a leader among container orchestrator to help build solution...

IT certifiations demystified

10 minute read

Recently I counted my certificates and I was shocked to find out that I own 21 various types of them. I decided it’s time to sit and write down all the thing...

My little research on official Docker images

less than 1 minute read

I published results of my little project in which I was making research on official Docker images. The results are quite interesting. You can read about it h...

Don’t believe in tools

3 minute read

We live nowadays in a world of abundance. We have plenty of opportunities, almost unlimited possibilities and myriad of tools to help you do your job. In IT ...

Real hackers don’t need documentation

5 minute read

My first computer was a Commodore 64. It was somewhen in the early ’90s and I was using it mainly for one purpose - games. They were available either on spec...

How to control million containers

2 minute read

Recently guys from hashicorp (guys who have created Vagrant) presented results from a test that was meant to check their Nomad scheduler would manage to star...


less than 1 minute read

Hello world! This is not the first time that I’m starting with writing, but I hope this time I’ll be more persistent and deliver interesting articles.