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Trusted Advisor

Over the years and with the experience I have gained, I have come to understand the importance of conversation.
Hence, my work will be focused around listening, talking, asking sometimes difficult questions and finding solutions together.

I am not a consultant like many who focus mainly on technology. This one is the background and often the motivator for behavioural change.
At the same time, I stay on the practical side all the time and use technologies I am familiar with, such as public or private cloud, containers and Kubernetes or OpenShift.

Real success is born with hard work, perseverance and honesty, which I value highly in my personal and professional life.
I also believe that the best collaboration model is one based on shared responsibility for results.

My qualifications and principles

I bet on results

Solid experience

Knowledge confirmed by the highest industry certifications



Independence from vendors - I ensure reliability in providing tailored solutions